YouTube SEO Services for Atlanta Businesses

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Our Youtube SEO Specialist Create Your Videos AND Get Them Ranking Higher With Our YouTube SEO Services

1.9+ billion users log in to YouTube monthly. The number of channels earning 6 figures on YouTube grows by 40% annually. We will get your Atlanta based buinsess greater visibility on YouTube.

Our team includes Youtube SEO specialists that can help your channel gain greater visibility…leading to more overall subscribers and views.

You want to create high-performing videos. To achieve this, you need to get the balance between optimising videos for YouTube’s search algorithm and user experience right. We call this Youtube Search Engine Optimization. Our video marketing services are designed to deliver ROI.

  • Increase Watch Time
  • Gain More Subscribers
  • Earn More Revenue
  • Achieve More Engagement
  • Attain Higher Organic Rankings
  • Appear In ‘Suggested Video’ Recommendations

Fully optimized videos will position you to grow your YouTube channel faster.

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Maximise Your Return On Investment With YouTube Video SEO


We won’t just increase your visibility. We’re results-driven. We know that you need conversions. You can expect that with our Youtube marketing services we will:

-optimize your channel’s about page with your email address and links to your product/services pages.

-include links to your products/services in your descriptions.

-include strong CTA’s on every video.

-implementing cards and end-screens.


Click Through Rate

Our video search engine optimisation will boost your number of clicks without using clickbait by:

-Performing comprehensive keyword research

-Optimising video titles with strategic search terms

-Creating powerful thumbnails

Watch Time

Watch time is an important metric, especially if you want your channel to be monitized.

Our Youtube marketing experts will advise you on the various things you could do to increase your watch time, including the use of end cards, playlists scheduling posts to go out at an optimal time and more.


Impressions are the number of times your video thumbnails are shown on YouTube.

Our YouTube marketing experts will analyse what made your highest performing videos do so well. We’ll also look at how your thumbnails stand out relative to other videos ranking for the same keywords. We’ll arrange your videos into playlists to boost visibility.


Views are an important measure of the popularity of a video. Youtube SEO marketing can help with this.

We’ll rank your videos so that they get more impressions and optimize them to get more clicks and views. We then show you how you can share your content via social media.

In order to do this, we will conduct competitor research as well as examine the needs of your target audience.


Our Guarantee

We’re so confident in our team, we’re willing to put our business on the line to prove we have what it takes to improve your local SEO presence.

If your ranking positions haven’t improved within 90 days, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

But thats not all! We will work for free until they do! We’ve nailed a local SEO service that always delivers on its promises.

local seo 90 day money back guarantee